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Horse Run In Sheds

Two Bay Horse Run In Shed

We, at Keystone Barns bring you some of the finest constructed Portable Run In Sheds available on the market.  With many different options and sizes, our horse sheds can be customized to suit any need or code requirement.  By specializing mostly in equine construction, our horse barn builder has the expertise to build a shed or barn suitable for any need.  As of today, hundreds of our wooden prefab equine sheds have been delivered and used all over the East Coast, helping to keep horses safe and protected, and their owners happy.

Our Amish Built Run In Sheds come in many different sizes and styles.  We offer sheds with just a single bay (run-in) or with multiple run-ins.  As an option, you may add a tack room or a horse stall to any of our run-in shed to build a most desirable barn combination.  To enhance the beauty of your horse run in shed you can add the cupola with a weathervane or have your shed stained with a color of your choice.

Fall Specials
10'x16' - Image $3,950
10'x20' - Image $4,690
10'x24' - Image $5,200
10'x30' - Image $6,690
10'x36' - Image $7,890
12'x16' $4,490
12'x20' $5,390
12'x24' $6,350
12'x30' $7,800
12'x36' $9,500

See prices for more sizes here: OTHER SIZES

NOTE: Prices listed exclude delivery and sales tax.  Only checks or E-checks are accepted for "On-Sale" buildings.  Signed contract & 50% deposit is required to place an order.

Lead time: 6 weeks.  Prices are good until 11/30/2023*

Multiple Small Run In Sheds Delivery
Save money when ordering several small horse run in sheds!  You'll not only save on delivery but we'll also be able to give you a discount for each shed ordered.
Run In Shed and Tack Room Combo
Combination is only limited to your imagination!  Add a tack room or stall to any of our run in shed or install partitions between openings.  Whatever you choose, we'll have it built to your liking!

Run In Shed Interior

We reserve the right to change construction specification without notice.

  Standard Construction Specs

  • Pressure Treated Bottom Sill Plates
  • Rough Cut Oak Framing with 4x4 Posts**
  • 1x8x48" Vertical Oak Kickboards
  • Vertical Pine Board & Batten Siding
  • 2x4 SPF Rafters 16" o.c.
  • 7/16" OSB Roof Sheathing
  • Limited Lifetime Architectural Asphalt Shingles
  • Steel Tow Hook in Each Corner Bolted into 6x6
  • Hot Dipped Galvanized Fasteners & Nails

When it comes to quality shed construction and the use of proper building materials, "Keystone Run In Sheds" offer both.

We now use heavier Limted Lifetime architectural shingles on the roof, rough cut oak wall frame with proper bracing, oak vertical kickboards, 6x6 pressure treated bottom sill plates and many other features that make our buildings last long and withstand animal behavoir.

All of our horse sheds are built by Authentic Amish Craftsmen here in Lancaster County, PA.

To make our buildings sturdy and longer lasting, we use rough-cut oak framing lumber*** to build our prefab horse sheds and barns.  This oak lumber is cut at a Lancaster County local saw mill that provides us with custom-cut framing materials such as kickboards, posts & other lumber.  Oak frame is built using hot dipped galvanized nails.  When oak wood completely dries, it shrinks and tightens around all of the fasteners making it more difficult to pull boards appart.  This helps to create a very strong horse shed frame needed to deliver any modular building.


NOTE: All sizes on this page are OUTSIDE dimensions.

*Due to constant change in lumber prices, we reserve the right to increase advertised prices without notice before expiration date.  Signed contract and deposit is required to lock in the price.
**We reserve the right to substitute oak posts for SYP to comply with local codes if necessary.
***Only wall framing and kickboards are oak.  Other material is used for sill plates, roof and wall headers.