Horse Shed Construction Specifications & Details


Construction Information of our Run In Sheds & Shedrow Barns.  Our portable horse sheds are built with premium materials and rough-cut oak wall framing.  All ground contact sill plates are 6x6 pressure treated.

NOTE: To comply with some local building codes, we reserve the right to substitute Oak 4x4 posts with Yellow Pine 4x4 posts.


Shed Construction Details


Note: We reserve the right to change construction specifications without notice


Horse Barn Interior


Interior of a shedrow barn. Shown 6-lite window with window grill, partition with grill and oak kickboards.  Standard roof is built with 2x4 SPF rafters 16" o.c., Shown with optional 1/2" plywood roof deck.  As an option, you may also upgrade roof to 2x6 SPF rafters or metal roofing.


Run In Shed Interior


Image of this run-in shed interior was taken before kickboards were installed to show framing and bracing of the walls.  Base of all of our horse sheds is made of 6x6 pressure treated timbers.


NOTE: Images are shown with 1/2" optional plywood roofing.  Standard is 7/16" OSB.


  Additional Horse Shed Construction Information:

  • Run-in sheds with wider openings, require larger header size (2x10 or 2x12)
  • We might use 4x4 Southern Yellow Pine posts on large shedrow barns
  • Keep in mind that inside dimensions of stalls and run-ins are approximately 8" smaller than outside dimensions
  • Optional T & G barn siding (if ordered) is face-nailed with Hot Dipped Galvanized nails
  • If Dutch doors are placed on the  back wall, they won't be full 7' tall.  Due to shorter back wall, they'll be only 6'-6" tall
  • All windows on shedrows are single pane 6-lite wood sash (28"W x 25"H) that slides to the side to open
  • Solid wall partition is standard between tack room and stall (grilled partition is optional)