About Us & Our Website

At Keystone Barn Supply, LLC "Keystone Barns" our goal and dedication is to help you with your barn project needs.  We offer many different types of structures, barn door hardware and different accessories for sale.  We are not a construction company, but work closely together with our contractors to provide services such as initial barn design, CAD drawings, quotes, etc..

Most of our on-site built structures are constructed by contractors with at least 10 years of construction experience and plenty of expertise to do the job right.  In the case if we don't service your area, we have many contacts in Lancaster County Amish/Mennonite community and can assist you in finding the right contractor for your job.

We only work with few selected contractors that have proved themselves and have expertise to provide proper barn construction and good service.

In addition to offering different barns for sale, we can help you to locate those "hard-to-find" pole barn materials, stall materials, doors and barn hardware for your construction project.

Some of the product that we list on our site, can now be purchased direct from manufacturers.  Such products are: barn doors and horse stalls.