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Shed Delivery Information

Shed delivery truck

Since our modular barns and sheds are designed to be delivered fully assembled, it is your responsibility as a customer to properly prepare the site, to provide good access to site and to obtain any necessary permits that may be required from municipal agencies.  We can provide you a sketch drawing (fees may apply) of the barn in order to get all the necessary permits.

SITE PREPARATION:  We recommend a level site for your building.  The best way to acquire a level site is to spread 4"-5" of gravel such as compactable 2A-Modified stone for your building site base.  Make sure to compact the stone base so it's hard and level.  Even though our barns are built on 6"x6" pressure-treated grade beams (sill plates) in order to withstand many years of ground contact, we still recommend having a gravel base to enhance the drainage around your building.  Some townships require that the building be placed or anchored to concrete foundation (check with your municipal agency).  You can hire a professional contractor to do your site prep or foundation.  See SITE PREPARATION for more information.  Please note that your barn will be rolled onto your pad and not lifted.

SITE ACCESS: In order not to delay the delivery of your barn, please make sure that your site is accessible on the day of delivery.  You are responsible to provide a suitable access to your site over a solid driveway or across fairly even solid ground.  Any gate we will be traveling through must have at least 14’ wide clearance for 12’ wide barn and 12’ wide clearance for 10’ wide barn, if driving in straight line and if your gate / fence is not taller than 7' (84 inches).  Add another 2' (24 inches) to width clearance for taller gates or fences and/or if we access your gate at an angle or if ground is uneven.  If accessing gate with Shed Mule, we’ll need additional 24” of clearance for Dolly Wheels.

PATH TO YOUR PAD: We need to be able to reach your pad / site without any issues.  For this reason, the path leading to your pad must be fairly level, dry and wide enough.  Please make sure not to have any ditches, steep slopes and other obstacles on the way to your pad.  Our truck and Shed Mule machine need fairly level and hard ground to drive over.  In addition, the pad itself must be accessible from at least 1 (one) short side and 1 (one) long side.  In order to drop off the building, Shed Mule or truck must be able to drive over onto your pad.  The barn is rolled off the truck, not lifted off.  The path leading to your pad must be wide enough and must have at least 16' wide clearance (for 10' wide barns) and 18' wide clearance (for 12' wide barns) and 14' high clearance when driving in straight line and even more clearance when making turns. Path to your pad must be free of tree branches, low hanging wires or any other obstacles.

LOCAL ROADS: In addition to your own driveway, please make sure any local lane or road that comes off the main road is also wide enough to drive on with an oversize load.  In some instances, your local road may have trees, buildings and other obstacles on both sides of the road.  Any local road should have at least 20' wide clearance and 14' high clearance.  If your local road is too narrow, we will not be able to deliver your barn.  If driver is not able to access your site due to narrow road or driveway, you as a customer will be responsible for all costs associated with taking barn back or returning after site is made accessible.

IMPORTANCE OF LEVEL SITE: For Shed Row Barn, it is very important to have a level and well compacted stone pad in order for all barn doors to function properly.  If your site is not level or your stone pad settles, this might cause the barn to slightly twist or bend and make doors hard to open or close.  If this ever happens, you will either have to shim the building or spread more stone under the 6x6 plates in order to straighten out the building.  For Run-In Sheds without doors, it's not that critical to have perfectly level site, but still recommended.  Even for a run-in shed, you want to make sure your site is fairly level since uneven site might cause the building to twist and to put unnecessary stress on building frame and its components.

DELIVERY AFTER RAIN OR SOFT GROUND: It is your responsibility as a customer to let us know if your building site, ground, driveway or field is too wet and too soft to drive over without getting stuck.  Even though, our drivers use Mule Machine to help them better navigate the field and to get into tighter spaces, these machines still require fairly hard ground to drive on.  If the ground is too soft, the wheels of the Mule might sink and get stuck.  Please use your best judgement and let us know if your delivery needs to be rescheduled due to wet/soft ground conditions.  Please keep in mind that if our driver determines that he won't be able to put your barn in place due to soft/wet ground, he will not be able to take the barn back and will drop your building where he can on your site.  If this happens, you will be responsible to pay the balance due for the barn and then to either put the building in place yourself or pay our driver to return and put it in place when the ground is hard and dry.

TIME ALLOCATION: From the time driver arrives on site, you are allocated 2 (two) hours to unload the barn and set it in place.  Any extra hour spent by the driver will be charged at $125 per hour (must pay direct to driver).  If you have any concerns or questions, please give us a call to resolve any concern before delivery.  It is very important that you take delivery preparations seriously.

We can't stress this enough that muddy and soft ground can quickly make a big mess out of delivery.  Please check your site before delivery and let us know if your ground is too soft and if delivery needs to be rescheduled.  When rescheduling delivery, please allow several weeks before we can deliver your barn.


Run In Sheds Delivery

Run In Shed and Shedrow Barn Delivery

Shed Delivery

Two 10'x20' run in sheds on trailer.  Mule-machine shown in the back

Lean-to Barn Delivery

Lean-to Barn Delivery on Big Truck

Horse Shed Delivery Truck

Pickup Turck with Aluminum Trailer Delivering Shed

Shed Mule Delivery

Using Shed Mule and Dolly Wheels