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Modular Horse Barns

Finally you can build yourself an Affordable Center Aisle Horse Barn!  By using our Modular Barn Design, we can help you to save time and money since these barns cost less and take less time to construct.  Modular Barn is the easiest and most affordable way to build yourself a good looking all wood, center aisle horse barn.  It can be built with hay loft and steep roof (see picture) or without loft if economical option is preferred.  The modular barn sections are delivered fully constructed with all of the stalls, doors, windows, etc. already built & installed, so all that's left, is to anchor sections to foundation, build the roof, hang the aisle way doors and you are ready to enjoy your new barn.

As with any of the other barns we offer, our Modular Barns can be custom-made to suit your needs.  Our most popular modular barn size is 36'x36' with 10' lean-to but other sizes are also available.  By connecting modular barn sections together, there is no limit to the size of barn that can be built.  All of our modular barns are manufactured in Lancaster County, PA  by Amish craftsmen who will also set them up after delivery.  You are only responsible for permits and foundation.  The builder will take care of manufacturing, delivery and set up.  We offer three different modular barn designs: Low Profile, High Wall (not shown) and Loft Barn.

Delivery & Set Up of Modular Aisle Barns is done direct by our builder within 200 miles only.

Current lead time is 8-10 weeks.

Modular Center Aisle Horse Barns

Park Pavilion Construction

Modular Loft Barn is designed for larger horses. This design can accommodate different styles of loft, higher roof pitch, different types of roofs, lean-tos, etc.  With this barn, modular sections are delivered fully constructed and can have loft installed over sections.  Loft over center aisle, roof, gables and aisle barn doors are all built on site after sections are delivered and attached to foundation.

Low Profile Modular Barn

"Low Profile" modular barn is designed for smaller horses and ponies.  This design is the most economical way to build a center aisle horse barn.  This barn has lower walls, low roof pitch and comes without loft.  Modular barn sections of "Low Profile " barns are delivered with the roof already on.  After sections are placed on foundation what's left is to build roof over center aisle and install aisle doors.

Our Modular Barn Sections can be placed either on foundation (concrete pillars) or on top of the reinforced slab.  As with our shed row barns and run in sheds many different options are available for our modular barns.  We offer different style of stall sliding doors, tack rooms, wash stalls, and many other options.  Our longest barn section that can be delivered is 60' long.  If larger barn is desired, our barn sections may be connected together to build as long of a barn as needed.

NOTE: Please call us with any questions you might have.