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Leanto Horse Barn
Lean-to Shed

A Lean-to Shed is built by adding large front overhang to any of our Run-In Shed or Shedrow Barn.   Bigger overhang will help you to keep your stalls drier and cleaner, will act as a run in area for your horses and will also give you a better protection from the rain, snow or the summer's heat.

In addition, part, or all of the barn's overhang may be enclosed to provide even more usable area or shelter.  By completely enclosing an overhang, the barn may also be converted into a "Side Aisle Barn" with one side (overhang side) being completely empty with sliding door at each end to make a side aisle, and the other side (stall side) having stalls, wash stall, tack room, or any other room needed.

Leanto Overhang Construction

When we add the overhangs to our sheds, we try to give you at least 7' of headroom under the overhang supporting header.  For this reason, we do not recommend to go over 10' wide overhang on your barn.  When we ship the barn or the shed with an overhang package, the barn comes fully assembled and the overhang package comes partially assembled with pre-cut rafters, 6x6 pressure treated posts, 2x10 double headers and assembled overhang gables.  Sheds with overhangs can not be delivered fully assembled, therefore, any overhang over 4' in width, must  be assembled on site.

When barn with an overhang is ordered, we strongly recommend to place such barn on concrete foundation.  In most cases foundation made of concrete pillars is used as a more affordable solution.  Concrete pillar (sona tube with concrete) is placed under each barn corner and under each partition corner to provide a sufficient support for your barn.  If you, or your contractor will be doing the foundation,  we will provide a detailed foundation layout and all the specifications when your barn is ordered.  We can also help you find a contractor to prepare pad and foundation -  Please see SITE PREPARATION for more info.


Large Leanto Barn Section
12'x60' lean-to barn section being put in place.
Large barns require good access for truck and trailer.
12'x60' Barn with Large Overhang
12'x60' barn with 8' wide lean-to overhang and (5) 12'x12' stalls.
Please call us for current prices on large lean-to barns.

10'x32' Shedrow with Overhnag
10'x32' lean-to barn with 2-stalls and 1-tack room.
Base Price: $14,070* plus $1,920 for metal roof.
10'x32' Barn with 8 foot Overhang
10'x32' run in shed with tack room and 10' wide overhang.
Base Price: $12,570* plus $1,920 for metal roof.

Prices exclude delivery, overhang assembly, foundation, pillar anchoring hardware, sales tax. *Base price excludes any options.

About Overhang Assembly

Our Lean-to Horse Barns are delivered with partially assembled overhangs.  Assebled parts include: roof gables and headers.  The rest of the overhang such as poles, rafters, roofing, etc. must be built on site.  We do not offer assembly service out of state, however we can recommend a builder that you can hire to do lean-to assembly.  Responsibility of a customer is to prepare site, foundation, drill holes for lean-to poles and then anchor barn to foundation.