Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can your hardware be purchaed on line via Shopping Cart?

Answer: Yes, most of our hardware can be purchased directly on our site, however, to purchase sliding door hardware, you would have to call us.

Question: How can I find out the price for one of your barns?

Answer: For most of the barns shown on our website, we can give you the rough price when you call us. For other barns with different sizes and options, we can usually get back to you within 48 hrs.  Modular Aisle Barns might take few days to quote since we have to figure delivery and assembly costs.  When you send us an email or call us please give us your zip code since our prices depend on the distance we must travel to build our barns.

Question: How long does it take to build an average barn?

Answer: An average barn (36'x36') usually takes about 4 weeks to complete (weather permitting).  Larger barns will take longer, about 6-10 weeks depending on the size of the barn.  Modular Aisle Barns might take 3-10 days to complete after barn sections and materials are delivered.

Question: What choice of roofing do I have?

Answer: We offer asphalt shingles and metal roofs.  Different colors available.

Question: How do I go about ordering a barn?

Answer: First, you need to be placed on building schedule (deposit and a signed contract is required). Please give us a call to provide us with your information and to discuss all the pricing and options.

Question: What is your required payment schedule for on-site built barns?

Answer: We have different payment schedules for different barns.  Payment schedule depends on cost of barn and how long it takes to build one.  For more information, please call.

Question: What is your current lead time?

Answer: Please call us for our current schedule.

Question: Does your company builds barns or sheds?

Answer: No, we are not a construction company.  Our on-site built custom barns, garages, round pens, pavillions, etc. are all built by Oak Hill Construction Services, LLC.  Our modular aisle barns and horse sheds are built by small local Amish owned company.

Question: What is the warranty on your on-site built center aisle barns and garages?

Answer: Keystone Barn Supply LLC (our company) does not offer any warranty.  Our contractor Oak Hill Construction Services, LLC offers (1) year workmanship warranty on all of our center aisle horse barns and garages built on-site.

Question: Do you provide warranty for your horse sheds?

Answer: Currently, our shed manufacturer does not provide any warranty.

Question: Does warranty for on-site built  barns covers acts of God?

Answer: No, acts of God are not covered by warranty.  Acts of God include, but not limited to damage from wind, fire, flood, hurricane, hail, earthquake, etc.  If your building incurs any damage from strong winds, hail, fire or any other act of God, you will need to file claim with your insurance company.  Please make sure your building is properly insured to cover the loss or repair of damages.

Question: Why you don't sell barn doors and horse stalls anymore?

Answer: Since manufacturers that we used to buy doors and horse stalls from, also sell their product at retail prices, it was hard for us to compete with their pricing.  For this reason, we have decided to drop these products and instead let you buy direct from manufacturer.

Question: Where can I learn more about barns?

Answer: Please visit Barn Construction Resource Center for more information about different barns.