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Our sturdy built portable Calf Barns with multiple stalls is a perfect and simple solution to provide extra housing for your young calves and to keep them separated until they are weaned.  Most popular sizes of Calf Barns we sell are 6-stall, 9-stall and 12-stall.  All of our barns come standard with 4' overhang, rear curtain and wash board lining.


  •   Metal Siding and Roofing with Insulated Ceiling
  •   Removable Poly Divider Partitions
  •   Inside Walls Lined with Glasboard
  •   Galvanized Swing Out Gates with Bucket Holders
  •   Built Portable on 6x6 P.T. Sill Plates
  •   Rear Curtain is Standard in Each Calf Barn

Back Side of Calf Barn
Back Side of Barn with Curtain
Two Bay Pony Shed
Keep Heat Away with Roof Insulation
Custom Built Goat Barn
Control Ventilation with Rear Curtain

8'x24' - 6 Stall Barn $10,580
8'x36' - 9 Stall Barn $15,190
8'x48' - 12 Stall Barn $19,800
8'x60' - 15 Stall Barn $24,500

8'x24' - 6 Stall Barn $9,980
8'x36' - 9 Stall Barn $14,200
8'x48' - 12 Stall Barn $18,240
8'x60' - 15 Stall Barn $22,550

Back Curtain Standard
Bucket Holder Standard
Front Curtain for Calf Barn $40 per lin.f.
Feed Room in Calf Barn $50 per sq.f.
Bottle Holders $50 each
10 qt. Buckets $15 each
Bucket Holders $15 each
Bedding Retainers (12') $100 each
Anchors & Hardware $40 each

NOTE: Prices listed exclude delivery and PA sales tax.   Signed contract & 35% deposit is required to place an order.


Our more afforable version of calf barn is a Freestall Barn designed for cows, heifers and other livestock.  It comes standard with rear curtain, heavy duty galvanized loop-shape dividers and rubber flooring.  You are welcome to pick different color of siding and roofing to match your existing buildings.  Portable, sturdy design allows for easy moving anytime.


  •   Portable Design For Easy Moving
  •   40 Year 28GA Painted Metal Roofing and Siding
  •   Galvanized Heavy Duty Loop Dividers
  •   Rear Curtain and 3/4" Stall Mats Floor

Freestall Barn Back Side
Back Side of Freestall  Barn
Dividers in Freestall Barn
Heavy Duty Galvanized Freestalls
Back Curtain on Stall Barn
Rear Curtain Comes Standard

Please call (717) 666-7027 to place an order, or if you have any questions.

NOTE: Prices Do Not include sales tax and delivery.  Please call for delivery quote.

Current lead time is 10-12 weeks.  Delivery available within 300 miles only.

TIP: Always compare delivered price (including all options and delivery).