Horse Barn Site Preparation

When it comes to site preparation for your Horse Barn or Shed, it's important to hire an experienced contractor to get the job done right.  Most horse sheds and barns require either a well compacted stone base or concrete foundation (if required by local codes).  To make it easier for our customers, we have teamed-up with a foundation contractor that has a lot of expertise in preparing shed stone pads and different type of foundations.


Most of the time, Small Run In Sheds (10' - 24' in lengh) do not require any foundation and can be placed out in the field on bare ground, providing the site is fairly level.  For bigger run-in sheds (24' - 48' in length) and all run-in sheds with storage rooms, it's recommended to have a level crushed stone pad.  If your site is off level, you should level it with crushed stone, no matter the size of shed.


All sizes of Shed Row Barns must have well compacted and level crushed stone base.  Level pad is needed to make sure your barn doesn't get twisted and cause doors not to function properly.  In fact, if after some time, you start having trouble opening or closing one of your Dutch doors, it's most likely due to ground settling.  If your site becomes unlevel due to ground settling or movement, you will need to level the barn by either placing shims or stone under sill plates.


In addition to stone pad, a Lean-To Barn also requires concrete pillars foundation.  One pillar, approximately 16" in diameter is placed at each corner and at each partition.  Lean-to overhang posts can either be placed on top of pillars or in ground.  When you order lean-to barn from us, we will provide you with CAD drawing showing exact dimensions and location for pillar placement.

Concrete Pillars Foundation
Barn Pad
Shed Stone Pad

If concrete pillar foundation is required by local codes, we will supply CAD foundation plan showing specs and dimensions.

Foundation Plan