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Ordering Information

Date Modified: 9/8/2023


Purchasing Hardware

We no longer sell our hardware on this website. To purchase any of our available hardware, please visit our eBay Store
NOTE: As of now, we have very limited hardware availability.

Purchasing Barn Plans

Use PayPal check out.  You DO NOT need to have PayPal account.  You will have an option at check-out to either pay with PayPal or your credit card.

Ordering Sheds, Barns or Greenhouses:

To order any of our shed or greenhouse, we require 50% Deposit, with balance paid on delivery.  Our preference that you pay your shed deposit & balance with E-check (electronic check).  NOTES: Out-of-state customers must pay with E-check for both, deposit and balance.  Sheds and barns over 10K have different payment schedule.