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Architectural Plan for 36'x36' Stable

Product Information:

  • Name: BP15 - Horse Stable Plan
  • Description: Architectural blue-print for 36'x36' stable
  • Construction Type: Pole Barn (post-frame construction)
  • Included In Price: (3) sheets of PDF 24"x36" drawings
  • Included Drawings: A1-Elevations, A2-Section Details, A-3
  • Materials List: Not Included
  • Format: PDF prints on 24"x36" size paper
  • Measurements: Imperial units
  • Design Loads: 45 PSF snow load, 110 MPH wind load
  • Delivery Method: Email in PDF format
  • Seal: Plan is NOT sealed (does not have engineered stamp)
  • NOTES: This is an architectural plan (not a construction plan)

BP15 - PDF Print

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Images of 36'x36' Horse Stable with 24" Overhangs

DESCRIPTION: This plan is for 36'x36' Horse Stable with 24" wide overhangs on gables and eaves, metal roof, full loft and 36" cupola.  Roof is designed for 45 PSF snow load with #2 SPF 2x8 rafters.  However, 60 PSF snow load can be achieved, if #1 SYP 2x8 rafters are used instead.

Floor plan includes (4) 12'x12' stalls, (1) 12'x14' tack room and (1) 12'x10' wash stalls.  Each stall comes with 4'x3' Dutch window that can easily be subsituted for 4'x7' Dutch door without changing any posts layout.

Built as post-frame building with pressure treated 6x6 main posts and 4x6 door posts.  See PREVIEW plan for more details on foundation, etc.