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Architectural Plan for 24x36 Loft Barn

Product Information:

  • Name: BP10 - Loft Barn
  • Description: Architectural blue-print for 24'x36' barn
  • Construction Type: Conventional (studs) framing
  • Included In Price: (2) sheets of PDF 24"x36" drawings
  • Included Drawings: A1-Elevations, A2-Section Details, A-3
  • Materials List: Not Included
  • Format: PDF prints on 24"x36" size paper
  • Measurements: Imperial units
  • Design Loads: 45 PSF snow load (max. 70lbs), 110 MPH wind load
  • Delivery Method: Email in PDF format
  • Seal: Plan is NOT sealed (does not have engineered stamp)
  • NOTES: This is an architectural plan (not a construction plan)

BP10 - PDF Print

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DESCRIPTION: This plan is for 24'x36' barn with full loft (1-1/2 story barn), Pine T&G siding, 12/12 roof pitch, (2) out-swing doors, (1) entry, (8) windows and shingle roof.

The barn is built on top of 8" wide poured wall foundation that's roughly 16" above grade.