Horse Stalls

All of our Horse Stall Kits are meticulously hand-crafted by skilled Amish Iron Workers in Lancaster County, PA.  All of the components such as partitions, grills and doors are built of heavy gauge steel and can be powder coated with the color of your choice.  In addition, we use the finest round tracks and rollers available, to provide years of trouble-free operation and enjoyment.

Note: Stall fronts, partitions and doors are sold without any wood.  You can order wood separately or install your own 2x6 or 2x8 T&G boards after all stalls are delivered and put in place.  For ease of handling, stall doors come uninstalled and must be installed on-site.  Our Stall Kits are designed for quick & easy installation by simply attaching Partitions and Stall Fronts to Metal Connecting Posts with steel pins.  As an option, you can also order stall panels (fronts & sides) to fit in between your existing posts.  And the best of all, you can now purchase stalls and accessories DIRECT from the manufacturer.  See contact information below.

Manufacturer's Contact Information:

To purchase Horse Stalls, please visit: J&E Grill Manufacturing

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