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Horse Barns from Pennsylvania - Quality Built Barns & Stables

Custom Built Horse Barn Stable

We offer many different styles of Horse Barns & Stables.  From a simple modular barn to a custom built stable, all of our structures are built to provide an appealing look and a Horse Friendly construction.  Built with Top Quality materials, our horse barns are built to last and to withstand harsh weather elements and horse behavior.

Any of our equine barns may be customized to your specifications and needs.  We offer many different options such as lofts, lean-tos, different type of roofs, etc.

We now specialize in modular barns only.  However, if you are looking for a custom stable built completely on-site, we can recommend a good reputable contractor with over 10 years of experience.  You are also welcome to purchase modular barn kit (barn sections with roof materials) and either hire a local contractor or build the barn yourself.

ON-SITE BUILT BARNS - No Size Limit, More Options

Putting up a horse barn is a major investment, that's why when it comes to choosing the right construction company among hundreds of different barn builders and contracators, it's important to deal with the company that has many years of experience in design and construction.  You want a construction company that can build your barn RIGHT the first time.

All of our on-site built stables are constructed by a company with over 10 years of experience that has built many different styles and types of horse barns throughout the East Coast.  Our builder will work with you from start to finish and if need to, will help you with your project design.  There is no middle man, you'll work DIRECT with our builder.

MODULAR BARNS - More Affordable, Shorter Lead Time

All of our modular center aisle horse barns are manufactured by authentic Amish crafstmen here in Lancaster County, PA.  After delivery, same Amish crew will come out and finish setting up your barn.  It only takes 1-3 days for the crew to set up a modular barn.  The advantage of a modular barn is the shorter lead time and in many cases, better price.