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No short cuts are taken in our Post Frame Building construction.  Below is the list of our Standard & Optional construction features.  In a standard pole barn construction, all posts are placed in ground below frost line on top of concrete pads.  As an option, posts may also be place on foundation or Perma Columns (see options below).


Keep in mind, we do not build "cheap" pole buildings, therefore, we will not have the lowest price available.  We only use builders that have a long record for building quality barns.  This means, we will not cut corners and compromise our construction in order to come up with cheapest price.

Standard Construction Features of Our Post Frame Buildings
  • Glue-Laminated Posts with p.t. bottoms [more info]
  • Posts are spaced 8' on center (in most cases)
  • Pressure treated 2x8 splash board is used on bottom of the wall
  • 2x4 SPF wall girts are fastened on outside of posts and spaced 24" o.c.
  • Double 2x10 or 2x12 MSR wall headers are used to support roof trusses
  • Trusses are placed on top of headers and spaced 48" o.c. when metal roof is used or 24" o.c. when shingles are used on the roof
  • 2x4 PSF roof purlins 24" o.c. are fastened on top of trusses to support metal roofing
  • Everlast 29GA metal roofing and Everlast 29GA metal siding
  • 12" overhangs on eaves (vented) & gables (solid)
  • Ridge vent on roof


Learn more about Roof Trusses  (see different truss types and design information).


Construction Options for Post Frame Buildings
  • Perma Columns [more info]
  • Scissor Type Trusses [image]
  • Attic Storage Trusses [image]
  • Wooden Board & Batten Pine Siding
  • Roof Shingles

In addition, we offer many other options listed on our Barn Options page

Post Frame Construction Details