Barn Plans For Sale - CAD Drawings & Blue Prints


You have asked us - we are delivering.  Once in a while, we recieve requests from some of you to sell our professional barn plans.  Unfortunately, until now, we didn't really have any plans that were professionally done that we could sell.  Now, we have started to work on some of our plans with a hope to add more in the future.  What we will be offering is Architectural CAD PDF Drawings done on 36"x24" paper.  Each plan will include at least (2) sheets of drawings and some plans might include a material list as a courtesy.  These are not detailed construction plans and you will still have to hire a professional contractor that can figure out all of the materials and be able to build the barn using plans provided.  Some building lumber yards may also help you to figure out materials based on prints you provide them.

Please keep in mind that our Plans are only meant to be as a first step in order to aquire more information about our barns, to see dimensions, etc.  These plans are not done by a licensed engineer or architect and are not designed to meet all local codes in every state or jurisdiction.  Your local engineer might still need to modify the plan to meet your local code requirements.

Please be patient with us while we are working on more plans.  We'll be adding other plans in the near future.  If you have any suggestions on how to improve our plans, please let us know.  Unfortunately, we are not able to provide a materials list with our barn plans due to the fact that it is impossible to have 100% accuracy and due to variations/availability of certain materials across the country.

Available Barn Plans For Sale

28'x36' Pole Barn Plan

BP01 - 28'x36' Pole Building
PRICE - $75.00

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36'x36' Horse Stable Plan

BP02 - 36'x36' Horse Barn
PRICE - $85.00

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28'x36' Custom Barn Garage

BP03 - 28'x36' Custom Garage
PRICE - $95.00

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24'x26' Garage Plans

BP04 - 24'x26' Wooden Garage
PRICE - $85.00

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24'x24' Horse Stable Plan

BP05 - 24'x24' Horse Stable
PRICE - $85.00

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Before purchasing any of our plans, please read the following information and disclosure below:

Barn Plans that we offer for sale on this page can be downloaded and previewed before making a purchase.  We figured, why pay for something you can't see or preview first?  We did hide all dimensions and other data to make PREVIEW plans unusable.  Clean copy will be emailed after payment is received.

Before making a purchase, please keep the following in mind:

By downloading, purchasing or using any of our plans listed here you agree not to hold Keystone Barn Supply, LLC, it's owners and/or plan designers responsible for any mistakes or incorrect design.  You also agree that Keystone Barn Supply LLC, its owners or plan designers will not be, under any circumstances liable to the consumer or end user for any incidental, consequential, special, exemplary, or punitive damages arising out of the use of these plans.  You MUST ALWAYS consult with your local engineer and your contractor before using any of our plans or doing any construction work.  You also agree not to hold Keystone Barn Supply, LLC, it's owners or plan desingers finacially liable for material list inaccuracy (where list is included).  You MUST ALWAYS confirm all and any materials provided on the plans with your contractor or/and lumber yard before ordering any of the materials.