Shedrow Horse Barns


Shedrow Horse Barn

"Keystone" Shedrow Barns are constructed with the finest materials and are built to last!


When purchasing one of our Shed Row Barns, you will not only invest in a quality constructed building, but also in a very safe and a horse friendly structure.


During initial design of our horse barns, our priority was to design a building that would include animal safety, longevity and all building code requirements.  All of our horse sheds are built by Amish craftsmen from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.



We offer different sizes, configuration and options for our shed row horse barns.


"Keystone" Shedrow Advantages:
  • Built by authentic Amish craftsmen

  • We use 30 Year Architectural asphalt shingles

  • We do not charge extra for T&G pine siding



Shedrow Barn Gallery, Prices & Construction Details
SPECIAL SALE - Barn sizes  listed below are now on sale:

10' Wide Barns

10'x20' barn with (2) 10'x10' stalls - $4,125

10'x28' barn with (2) 10'x10' stalls & (1) 10'x8' storage - $5,380

10'x36' barn with (3) 10'x12' stalls - $6,480

10'x40' barn with (4) 10'x10' stalls - $7,420


12' Wide Barns

12'x24' barn with (2) 12'x12' stalls - $5,195

12'x32' barn with (2) 12'x12' stalls & (1) 12'x8' storage - $6,830

12'x38' barn with (3) 12'x10' stalls & (1) 12'x8' storage -$8,125

12'x40' barn with (4) 12'x10' stalls - $8,455

12'x48' barn with (4) 12'x12' stalls - $10,485


NOTES: Prices listed, exclude delivery and PA sales tax.

One stall can be replaced with storage room for no extra cost.


Signed contract & 50% deposit is required to place an order.

Lead time is 4-6 weeks from receipt of deposit.

Only checks or E-checks are accepted for items on sale.  Sale ends 5/30/2016

Prices: Shedrow Prices

Shedrow Interior

Shedrow Barn Standard Features:


(1) 4'x7' Dutch door per stall

(1) 6-lite window with window grill per stall

Partition with heavy duty grill (between stalls)

1x8x48" oak kickboards

Pine board & batten siding or Pine T&G Siding

30 Year asphalt dimensional shingles

Steel tow hook at each corner

See Larger Image





Note: Shedrow barns on this page are shown with optional 42" front overhangs.  Our standard front overhang is 16".  Please see shed construction.