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Two Bay Run In Shed

We, at Keystone Barns bring you some of the finest constructed Run-In Sheds available on the market.  With many different options and sizes, our horse sheds can be customized to suit any need or code requirement.  By specializing mostly in equine construction, we have the expertise to build the shed suitable for any need.  As of today, hundreds of our equine sheds have been delivered and used all over the East Coast, helping to keep horses safe and protected, and their owners happy.


Our Run In Sheds come in many different sizes and styles.  We offer sheds with just a single bay (run-in) or with multiple run-ins.  As an option, you may add a storage room or a horse stall to any of our run-in shed to build a combination that best suits your needs.  To enhance the beauty of your run-in shed you can add the cupola with a weathervane or have your shed stained with a color of your choice.



Run In Shed Gallery, Prices & Construction Details
SPECIAL SALE - Sizes  Listed Below are On Sale:

10' Wide Run-In Sheds

10'x16' run-in shed with (1) opening - $2,650

10'x20' run-in shed with (2) openings - $3,080

10'x24' run-in shed with (2) openings - $3,470

10'x30' run-in shed with (3) openings - $4,295

10'x36' run-in shed with (3) openings - $5,085


12' Wide Run-In Sheds

12'x16' run-in shed with (1) opening - $2,860

12'x24' run-in shed with (2) openings - $4,080

12'x30' run-in shed with (3) openings - $4,970

12'x36' run-in shed with (3) openings - $5,990


NOTES: Prices listed, exclude delivery and PA sales tax.



Signed contract & 50% deposit is required to place an order.

Lead time is 4-6 weeks from receipt of deposit.

Only checks or E-checks are accepted for items on sale.  Sale ends 10/30/2016

Prices: Run In Shed Prices

Construction of our Run In Sheds and Most Popular Options!


"Keystone" Run In Sheds Popular Options for Run In Sheds
Oak Framing Yes Metal Roof Upgrade $1.75 sq.f.
Pressure treated 6"x6" sills Yes 42" Overhang $25 / lin.f.
Kickboards Oak Partitions See options
30 Year Architectural Shingles Standard Sealer Stain for Siding 12% extra
Pine Board & Batten Siding Standard 10" Higher Walls on Shed $30 / lin.f.
Pine T&G Siding Same Price 1/2" Plywood Roof Upgrade $0.50 sq.f.


When it comes to quality shed construction and the use of proper building materials, "Keystone Run In Sheds" offer both.


We now use heavier 30 Year architectural shingles on the roof, rough cut oak wall frame with proper bracing, oak vertical kickboards, 6x6 pressure treated bottom sill plates and many other features that make our buildings last and withstand animal behavoir.


All of our sheds are built by Amish Craftsmen here in Lancaster County, PA.


We reserve the right to change construction specification without notice.



Horse Shed Construction

Run In Shed Standard Features:


6x6 pressure treated sill plates

Solid rough-cut oak framing

1x8x48" vertical oak kickboards

White pine board & batten siding

30 Year dimensional shingles

7/16" OSB plywood sheathing


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