Tack Trunks

Horse Tack Trunk


Our Deluxe Tack Trunks are built out of solid wood to provide many years of storage for your horse tack accessories and supplies.  Every tack trunk that we sell is unique, since it's completely hand-crafted by a local Lancaster County Amish craftsman.

Each tack box includes removable tray and grooming tote.  All of the outside hardware (hinges, handles and latch) are rustic black.

We offer three different type of wood construction: White Pine, regular Maple and Wormy Maple (wood with small worm holes and darker streaks).


Equestrian Wooden Tack Box
Tack Box Specifications & Options:

Size: 19.5"W x 31.5"L x 20.5"H (O.D.)

Clear Poly-Urethane on Outside & Inside
Choice of Pine or Maple construction

White Pine Tack Trunk - $525
Regular Maple Tack Trunk - $575
"Wormy" Maple Tack Trunk - $595

Note: No shipping available.  Pick up only.
Shown: Regular Maple wood construction.

Lead time is 4-5 weeks


NOTE: Our Tack Trunks are Temporary Unavailable.
We'll let you know when they'll be available again.



Wooden Tack Trunk Box