Oak Hill Round Pens - Wooden Horse Pens Built On Site

Covered Horse Round Pen

"Oak Hill" covered round pens are designed and engineered to meet all of the local building codes and much more.  These pens are built using post & beam construction with heavy LVL rafters & headers, which are all connected with powder coated steel connecting plates.  In fact, this uniquely engineered steel ring plate design keeps all rafters in place and prevents the whole roof structure from spreading appart.  It also increases stability and logevity of the building.

Image of round pen shown on left is 50' I.D. 13-side round pen with 13' eave height, metal roof and 8' high pine board & batten side walls.

We offer 2 different sizes of round pens, 50' and 60' (inside dimenssions).  Our round pen local built prices on your prepared site are as follows:

50' Round Pen - $52,500

60' Round Pen - $73,500

Prices shown above do not include site preparation, painting and cupola.  See Standard Features below.

Standard Features of Round Pen
Round Pen Standard Features:

Glue laminated posts
LVL Rafters & Headers
5/8" CDX plywood roof deck
30 Year architectural shingles
8' high pine board & batten side walls
8' high 2x8 T&G Y.P. kickboard liner
6' high double swing-out gate
Powder coated steel plates & brackets
13' high side walls
Total of 13 sides on 50' pen

In addition to our standard round pen construction and features, we can also design and custom built a covered pen to better suit your needs.  The choice of different options include, but not limited to - completely enclosed walls (with or without windows), completely open (no walls) on top of concrete pillars and with heavier 8x8 posts, different roofing materials, etc.

NOTE: Round Pens are only built on-site locally in Pennsylvania.  Sold & built by Oak Hill Construction Services,  LLC.