72'x180'x16' Indoor Riding Arena

Indoor Riding Arena

72'x180'x16' Indoor Arena with wooden pine board & batten siding, metal roof and viewing room.  We offer arenas with both, wooden and metal siding.  This arena is built using post-frame construction with 4-ply 2x8 glue-laminated posts.  Viewing room in this arena is accessible from both, outside and inside of the building.  Any horse arena can be built with windows or clear panels to bring natural light in.

Recommendation: Any large clear-span arena must be designed by an engineer and built with proper bracing and strong enough posts.  Before construction, local wind loads and snow loads must be taken into considiration and built even stronger and heavier than what codes require.  By designing your arena that exceeds local building codes, you'll have peace of mind knowing that any sudden and unexpected wind or snow will not affect the integrity of your building.