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Barn Options

On this page, we show most often used options that customers order or add to their horse barns or garages.  By no means this is a full list of options we offer.

Leanto Overhang

Lean-to (large overhang) - Is also a very popular option on our barns.  Lean-tos come in different sizes and may be built as an open style (as shown) or completely enclosed.  Lean-to provides extra roof and more protection from weather elements.  When lean-to is installed on a horse barn, it may also act as a horse shelter or run-in area.  Lean-tos can be placed on one side or both sides of barn.  Most of the lean-tos we have built were between 8'-14' with 10' wide being the most popular size.

Gambrel Style Roof

Gambrel Style Roof - Provides significantly more loft storage space and a different barn look.  For looks only, Gambrel roof can be built with regular trusses as a more economical alternative or with Attic type trusses if only a small storage space is needed.  To provide the most storage space with full loft, Gambrel roof is built with rafters.

Roof Dormers

Roof Dormers - Provide more daylight for the loft area and may be placed on one or both sides of the roof.  In addition to providing more daylight, barn loft built with dormers may also be converted into living quarters.  There are many different styles of dormers available.  Gabled Dormer (shown) and Shed Dormer are most common on barns.  For more information about dormers and to se more styles, see Dormer Styles

Finished Aisle Ceiling

Finished Aisle Way Ceiling - As an option, you may choose to finish your ceiling in the center aisle way.  This gives the barn nice and finished look.  We use 1x8 T&G White Pine boards to finish the ceiling.

Hay Dorp Door

Hay Drop Door - One of the options our customers often ask about, is the installation of hay drop door.  The hay drop door is a very good option when you have a full loft.  Single hay drop door can either be installed over the center aisle or each individual stall may have its separate drop door.  The disadvantage of several drop doors installed in the loft, is the decreased loft storage space.

Stirway Door

Sliding Stairway Door - In smaller barns, where loft stairway is installed inside of finished and heated tack room, it becomes necessary to prevent the heat from escaping through the stairway opening.  Our solution that works well, is the installation of sliding stairway door at the stairway landing.  Another option is to build a small room up in the loft at the stairway opening, but that set up is more costly and will require bigger room to heat.