Heavy Duty Strap Hinges

20″ Heavy Duty Barn Door Strap Hinges

Part # BDSH20B
Description: 20" Keystone Spearhead Strap Hinge
Availability: OUT OF STOCK

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20" Heavy Duty Pintle Strap Hinges

Part # HISPBLK20
Description: 20" Spearhead Pintle Strap Hinge
Availability: IN STOCK (limited quantity)

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Acorn Style Strap Hinges

12″ Acorn Style Hinge with Nylon Bushings

Part # ACORN12B
Description: 12" Acorn Style Shed Hinge
Availability: IN STOCK (limted quantity)

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Hand-Forged Style Hinges

Note: We do not stock  any of the hinges shown below.  However, we can usually get these hinges within 3-5 business days from supplier.

Made in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

NOTE: Our Hand-Forged style hinges come with removable 9" high Butt Plates and are available in Right & Left Hand configuration.  When ordering these hinges, please specify whether you want right or left hand hinge.  These hinges are not true hand-forged.  3/4"dia. pin is welded to butt plate.

"Hand Forged Style" Heavy Duty Strap Hinges

YD16FSH - 16″ Strap Hinge - $46.00
YD20FSH - 20″ Strap Hinge - $52.00
YD24FSH - 24″ Strap Hinge - $60.00
YD30FSH - 30″ Strap Hinge - $75.00
YD36FSH - 36″ Strap Hinge - $84.00
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Note: Prices are subject to change without notice.  * Shipped to the 48 Continental US States only.