All of our Horse Stalls, Grills & Stall Fronts are meticulously hand-crafted by skilled Amish Iron Workers in Lancaster County, PA.  Doors and grills are built of heavy gauge steel and can be powder coated with the color of your choice.  We use the finest tracks and rollers available, to provide years of trouble-free operation and enjoyment.


Note: Our Stall Fronts, Doors and Partitions come standard with 2x8 T&G Yellow Pine wood.  For ease of handling, wood and stall doors come uninstalled and must be installed on-site.  Our Horse Stalls are designed for quick & easy installation by simply attaching Partitions and Stall Fronts to Metal Side Posts with steel pins.


If you are planning to purchase two or more of the horse stalls, please request a quote.  In most cases, we are able to get a better price from manufacturer and save you money.


Horse Stall
JE01 - Horse Stall with Open Yoke Door

JE0110F - 10' Stall Front only - $1,675

JE0110P - 10' Partition with Grill - $900

JE0112F - 12' Stall Front only - $1,975

JE0112P - 12' Partition with Grill - $1,050

JESP90 - 90" Metal Side Post - $135 each

Free Standing Horse Stall
JE02 - Horse Stall with Yoke Gate Door

JE0210F - 10' Stall Front only - $1,950

JE0210P - 10' Partition with Grill - $950

JE0212F - 12' Stall Front only - $2,325

JE0212P - 12' Partition with Grill - $1,100

JESP90 - 90" Metal Side Post - $135 each

European Style Horse Stalls (stall fronts)

Stall Front
JE03 - Black European Stall Front

JE0310 - 10' Stall Front - $2,880

JE0312 - 12' Stall Front - $3,120


Note: Price of Stall Front includes wood

European Horse Stall
JE04 - Green European Stall Front

JE0410 - 10' Stall Front - $2,955

JE0412 - 12' Stall Front - $3,195


Note: Price of Stall Front includes wood

NOTE: Prices of metal stall fronts, doors & partitions include wood


Stall for Horses
JEHSM - Horse Stall with Wire Mesh

JESFM10 - 10' Stall Front w/Mesh - $1,650

JESFM12 - 12' Stall Front w/Mesh - $1,950

JESP90 - 90" Metal Side Post - $135 each

Price of this stall front includes door & hdw.




Each of our Stall Fronts comes standard with (1) 48"x85" Stall Door and all of the sliding door hardware needed to install it.


To figure out complete cost of the Horse Stall, add together Stall Front, Partition (s) and Metal Side Posts.


All doors, grills and hardware can be custom painted (powder coated) with the color of your choice (extra fees will apply).


If you are looking for a different style or size of Horse Stall, we can custom build stall or stall front just for you.  Please call for prices & more information.

NOTE: We do not ship stalls.  Our stalls available for pick up or local delivery only.