Horse Sheds & Barns Built by Amish Craftsmen of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania


Horse Shed

The line of Horse Sheds we offer include:

Run In Sheds, Shedrow Barns and Lean-to Sheds with large overhangs.  Built by the Amish craftsmen, all of our buildings offer superb construction, unique design and horse friendly structure.  Our equine sheds are portable (modular), but as an option, may also be built on site or delivered in a Panelized Kit if no access is available.  From a small 8'x8' run-in shed to a large 12'x48' shedrow barn, we can accommodate most of your needs.

Number of options, such as stain, cupolas, larger overhangs, etc. are available to enhance the looks & functionality of any of our buildings.




Tip: Shopping around for Run In Shed or Shedrow Barn?  Always compare delivered price, standard features & options included!


Panelized Shed Kits - Don't have good access or want to save money on shed delivery?  Check out our Panelized Run In Shed Kits with pre-built wall panels!  They are less expensive to deliver and easy to assemble.  Note: we do not offer shedrow kits.



Horse Barns & Sheds
About Our Shed Builder

All of our horse sheds are built by a small local Amish owned company, here in Lancaser County, Pennsylvania.  It is a family owned business that employs only Amish builders.  In fact, as of now, this company has only three employees plus an owner that also works full time in the shop building barns and taking care of his business.


By purhcasing a horse barn from us, you'll not only get a quality constructed building, but willl also be supporting their business and their family.