Keystone Chicken Coops

Keystone Chicken Coop is one of the best coops you'll ever find for sale.  It's not the cheapest coop on the market, but gives you everything a coop needs to house up to twelve chickens.  This coop comes standard with a small feed storage room on one end, nesting boxes accessible from outside, vent in the back, functional windows in front, larger front overhang and much more.

Price of this Coop is $1,750*

*Price excludes paint, large door hinges (we now use smaller hinges), glass installed in the doors, delivery & sales tax.

Each Keystone Chicken Coop comes standard with:
  • Small Storage Room
  • (4) 12"x12" Nesting Boxes
  • Drop Vent in the Back
  • (2) Windows in Front
  • 2x4 Perch
  • Pine T&G Siding (unpainted)
  • Single Sloped Roof
  • 30 Year Arch. Shingles
  • 3/4" CDX Plywood