Chicken Coops


Keystone Chicken Coops are perhaps the finest coops you'll ever find.  From affordable pricing to superb construction, our Amish-Built coops offer unique design and top quality materials throughout.  For your convenience, and to avoid any assembly headaches, our coops are designed to be shipped completely built.


All of our coops are built using pressure treated runners and rough textured pine barn siding.


Note: We do not stock any coops.  If you would like to order one, our lead time is approximately 4-6 weeks.

Keystone 4'x8' Chicken Coop House


Chicken Coop

Keystone Chicken Coop is one of the best coops you'll ever find for sale.  It's not the cheapest coop on the market, but gives you everything a coop needs to house up to twelve chickens.  This coop comes standard with a small feed storage room on one end, nesting boxes accessible from outside, vent in the back, functional windows in front, larger front overhang and much more.


Price of this Coop is $1,450*


*Price excludes paint, large door hinges (we now use smaller hinges), glass installed in the doors, delivery & sales tax.

Coop Interior Image Chicken Coop Interior Nesting Boxes Coop Drop Vent

Nesting Box Entry               Coop Perch             Coop Nesting Boxes     Drop Down Air Vent


MGC Chicken House Sheds

6'x6' Chicken Coop6'x8' Chicken Coop

              6'x6' Chicken House Shed                              6'x8' Chicken House Shed


Nesting Boxes


 MGC Chicken House Construction Specifications


  • Rough-cut oak framing
  • 6x6 p.t. grade beams
  • White pine board & batten siding
  • Wooden floor (2x6 p.t. floor joists and 5/8" plywood)
  • (2) 6-lite windows
  • 30 year asphalt shingles with felt underlayment
  • Drop down chicken door (ramp
  • 32"x78" entrance door
  • Nesting Boxes (as shown)
  • Shown Left: 6 Nesting Boxes

  • 6'x6' Coop Price: $1,950
  • 6'x8' Coop Price: $2,350



NHS Chicken Coops

Each of our chicken coop shown below comes standard with one ramp, nesting boxes, perch and (2) doors to provide better coop access & easier cleaning.  This also gives you an option to have chicken ramp on either side of coop.



Small Chicken Coop


NHS 4'x4' Small Chicken Coop

Small Coop is built with (3) 12"x12" Nesting Boxes and is designed to accommodate 8-10 chickens.


Comes Standard With: (1) window, (2) hinged doors, (1) nesting box access door, perch and removable ramp (see construction specs. below)


Small Coop Size: 48"x48" (inside dimensions)


Price: $1,250 (excludes shipping)

Larger Image





Large Chicken Coop


NHS 4'x8' Large Chicken Coop

Large Coop is built with (4) 12"x12" Nesting Boxes and is designed to accommodate anywhere from 10-15 chickens.

Comes Standard With: (2) windows, (2) hinged doors, (1) nesting box access door, perch and removable ramp.

Large Coop Size: 48"x96" (inside dimensions)


Price: $1,450 (excludes shipping)

OPTIONS: Upgrade to (6) Nesting Boxes for $25

Larger Image




Chicken Coop Interior

    NHS Chicken Coop Construction  & Standard Features

  • 1x10 T&G White Pine Siding
  • Metal Roof with Reflective Insulation
  • Pressure Treated Base
  • (2) 21"x32" Hinged Doors (one on each side)
  • 12"x12" Nesting Boxes are Accessible from Outside via Drop Down Access Door.
  • (1) 48" long Chicken Access Ramp built of Pine
  • Wooden Floor with 1/2" CDX Plywood.  Floor is built 18" above ground
  • 24"x12" Functional Windows with Screen
  • (1) 2x4 Perch
  • Size: Front Wall - 78" high.  Back wall - 57" high (dimensions are from ground to roof peak)
  • Inside Height - 48" (measured from top of floor)
  • 6" Front & Back Overhangs with wood fascia

Coop Delivery: We charge $3.00 per loaded mile.  This price includes curbside delivery and unloading of chicken coop.  For an extra $150 we will place your coop in your specific location (customer must provide good access across solid ground).  If paying with a credit card, $150 fee will only be charged when coop is placed in your requested location.