BARN DOOR HARDWARE - Gate Latches, Strap Hinges, Sliding Door Hardware & More!



If you are in the process of building a barn and looking for good quality barn door hardware, we hope that our door hinges, latches and other hardware will meet your needs.  All of the hardware that we offer has been used on our barns for many years, so you can rest assured you are getting a good quality product.


We offer different styles of Door Hinges, Latches and other Barn Hardware to assist you with your barn construction or remodeling project.  We sell both, regular and hand forged style hardware to meet any requirement or need.  In addition, we also carry Cannon Ball hardware and round door tracks for sliding doors.



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About Our "Hand-Forged Style" Hardware:  Our hand forged style hardware is made in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania by local craftsmen.  Most of our hand forged style hardware and some other hardware may be ordered in different color (call for more information and pricing).


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To place an order for any of our hardware, please call (717) 351-0647, we'll be happy to assist you.



Please read our Return Policy carefully before ordering any of our hardware.  By ordering a product from us, you agree to the terms of our Return Policy.