BARN DOORS - Custom Built Dutch Doors, Stall Doors and Wooden Garage Doors


With over a dozen of different doors to choose from, now you have one place to shop for different kind of Barn Doors, Sliding Stall Doors and Door Hardware.  Our doors are built to last and our horse stall doors are constructed to withstand years of equine use.


Available Door Materials:

In order to accommodate most of our customers' needs & budget, we offer different construction materials such as Pine, Western Cedar, Spanish Cedar, Cypress, Magohany, Steel & Aluminum.  As an economical choice, we also offer doors built out of rough textured barn siding.


Doors We Offer:

Stall Doors, Dutch Doors, Sliding Barn Doors, Double Swing-Out Doors, Pre-hung Entrance Doors, Hay Loft Doors and Stall Screen Doors.


Available Options:

Different Window Styles, Door Sizes, Material and Different Construction Techniques


Prehung Cedar Entry Door Entry Door Construction Details


As of now, we build most of our doors using Mortise & Tennon construction technique.  However, economic doors are also available.  You have a choice of ordering complete pre-hung entry door or just a door slab without any hardware. 


    Standard Construction:

  • Mortise & Tennon Construction
  • 1 3/4" or 2-1/4" Door Thickness
  • White Pine Wood


    Available Options:

  • Different Size Door Slabs
  • Different Wood Material
  • Tempered Insulated or Single Pane Glass
  • Cross Buck, Raised Panel or Custom Design



Hardware kit that comes standard with each of our Stall Sliding Door, includes (1) 8' long black track, (1) pair of trolleys (rollers), (1) horse shoe latch, (1) small stay roller and (1) black door stop.  Each of our metal stall door comes standard with 2x8 T&G Yellow Pine wood already installed.  Our ST-01, ST-02 and ST-03 wooden stall sliding doors are built using Mortise & Tennon construction with pine solid frame and beaded 1x8 T&G vertical boards behind cross-bucks.  Grills are black powder coated with 3/4" square tubing approx. 4" o.c. (round 1" tubing is also available).  Blanket bars not included in price.



Wooden Stall Door with Yoke
Wooden Stall Door

Item#  ST-01

Door Price - $750

Door Size: 48"x85"

Wooden Stall Door
Wooden Stall Door

Item#  ST-02

Door Price - $600

Door Size: 48"x85"

Wooden Stall Door with Arched Top
Wooden Stall Door

Item#  ST-03

Door Price - $690

Door Size: 48"x85"

Stall Door with Grill
Steel Stall Door

Item# JES-01

Door Price - $625

Door Size: 4'x7'

Sliding Stall Door with Curved Top
Arched Top Door

Item# JES-02

Door Price -$1350

Door Size: 4'x7'

Comes with Wood

Stall Door with Wire Mesh
Mesh Stall Door

Item# JES-04

Door Price - $695

Door Size: 4'x7'

10" Shaving Guard

Stall Screen Door
Screen Door

Item# JES-05

Door Price - $575

Door Size: 4'x7'

Comes Pre-Hung

Screen Door with Yoke
Screen Door

Item# JES-06

Door Price - $685

Door Size: 4'x7'

Comes Pre-Hung


An aluminum Dutch door is the best investment you can make for your horse barn.  It is twice as light compared to steel and will not rust.  Aluminum pre-hung Dutch doors come standard with black powder coated finish.  Other colors available for an extra 5% additional fee.  For safety reasons, we only use tempered glass in all of our Aluminum Dutch doors.  All aluminum doors come standard with "Bullet" type hinges and are assembled with stainless steel fasteners.


Aluminum Dutch Door with Window
Door with Window

Item# JED-01

Door Price -$1250

Door Size: 4'x7'

Comes Pre-Hung

4'x7' Aluminum Dutch Door
4'x7' Dutch Door

Item# JED-02

Door Price -$1150

Door Size: 4'x7'

Comes Pre-Hung

4'x8' Aluminum Dutch Door
4'X8' Dutch Door

Item# JED-03

Door Price -$1425

Door Size: 4'x8'

Comes Pre-Hung

Aluminum Dutch Door with Curved Top
Curved-Top Door

Item# JED-04

Door Price -$1950

Door Size: 4'x7'

Comes Pre-Hung

Note: See shipping information below for Aluminum Dutch Doors and Stall Doors.


Wooden Solid Dutch Door with Window

Our Deluxe Dutch door is built using Mortise & Tennon construction with solid 2-1/4" thick frame, beaded 1x8 T&G vertical boards behind cross-bucks and 1x8 V-groove boards in the back.  You may order this door with 1/4" tempered 12-lite glass or no glass.


Our Wooden Dutch doors are not pre-hung and come in two separate sections (top & bottom halves).  Standard Dutch door size is 4'x7', but may be custom built any size you need.


Dutch door must be hung using strap hinges.  See hardware kit price below.


    Deluxe 4'x7' Dutch Door Prices:

  • Pine Dutch Door with Glass - $875
  • Pine Dutch Door w/o Glass - $625
  • Knotty Cedar Door with Glass - $1,350
  • Knotty Cedar Door w/o Glass - $1,100
  • Spanish Cedar Door with Glass - $1,500
  • Spanish Cedar Door w/o Glass - $1,250
  • Door Hardware Kit (as shown) - $225
  • Optional Heavy Duty Metal Grill - $150


Note: Prices above DO NOT include hardware, metal grill or shipping.  Door is not pre-hung (door comes as slab only cut in half).

NOTE: Our Classic barn doors are  now sold direct through OAK HILL BARN DOORS

Please visit manufacturer's site for more information or to place an order.

Wooden 4x7 Dutch Door with Window

In addition to our Mortise & Tennon Dutch door (shown above), we also offer less expensive Dutch Doors built out of white pine rough textured barn siding.  This is a layered 3-ply 7/8" thick pine construction which makes the total door thickness 2 1/2".  During construction of this door, all pine boards are fastened together with screws visible only from the back side (see three pictures below).  Beaded plywood is then attached to the back of this door to make it more sturdy.


    4'x7' Classic Dutch Door Prices:

  • Pine Dutch Door with 6-lite Window - $385
  • Pine Dutch Door without Window - $320
  • Door Hardware Kit -  $120
  • Window Grill - $75


Note: Dutch doors are not pre-hung.  Please contact door manufacturer direct to place an order or if you have any questions about lead time, availability, etc.



Entry Door Options: Different sizes, different door jamb sizes, different windows (rectangular or arched top), cedar wood, in-swing or out-swing thresholds, weather strips and more.  Please call for pricing.


Wooden Double Door
Custom Built Wooden Double Door

We can custom built any door size or style.

Enhance your door with our heavy duty

hand-forged hardware.  Call for prices, etc.

Wooden Garage Door
Overhead Wooden Garage Door

We can also custom built wooden garage

door out of White Pine or Cedar Wood.

Please call for more information and prices.

Shipping Information: We do not use freight companies to ship our doors.  You have an option to pick up doors at the factory or get them delivered on regular pick up truck/trailer at $2.50 per loaded mile (plus tolls).  Our door builder can deliver on their own truck.