NOTE: As of now, we do not keep Cannonball hardware in stock. However, we can normally get most of this hardware within 2-3 business days and have it shipped within 5 business days.


Plates shown in this image are for Delrin Plate Trolley listed below. 
We do not ship tracks.  Pick up only.

Our Plate and Bolt Trollies fit round Cannonball tracks.
Cannonball tracks are 2-1/4" ID and 2-7/16" OD

8' Round Galvanized Track - $45
8' Round Black Powercoated Track - $75
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"CannonBall" Delrin Plate Trolley

T-714876 - Delrin Plate Trolley - $68.00 (pair)
Front plate is black, back plate is galvanized
Fits doors from 1-3/8" to 2" in thickness
Weight rating - Up to 600 lbs per pair

Hardware: Requires 5/16" Carriage bolts to attach plates to door (not provided).
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"CannonBall" Bolt Trolleys

T-713999 - 9-1/2" Bolt Trolley - $49.25 (pair)
Weight rating - Up to 600 lbs per pair
Hardware Included: Hex Nuts & Washers
Use: Bolt Trolleys are mostly used for metal doors & steel-skin doors on pole barns.

Availability: IN STOCK
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Sold in pairs (2 bolts)

"CannonBall" Brackets, Splice & End Caps

646513 - Track Cover Bracket - $3.50
646512 - Track Bracket - $2.95
465101 - Track Splice - $7.50
711489 - Track End Caps (pair) - $8.25
Hardware Included: None
Use: Track Cover Brackets are used when installing metal track cover (flashing) over round door track.
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"CannonBall" Door Stops

710899 - Adjustable White Door Stop - $19.75
710894 - Adjustable Galvanized Door Stop - $14.25
101 - Small Black Door Stop - $12.95
Hardware Included: None
Use: Small door stop is used for doors up to 2.25" thick.
Adjustable door stops are used for doors up to 3.5" thick.
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Stay Rollers For Sliding Doors

710806 - Adjustable Large Stay Roller - $17.75
100950000 - Adjustable Small Stay Roller - $15.95

Dimensions & Specifications
Hardware Included: None
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"CannonBall" 7" Jamb Latch

728106 - 7" Jamb Latch - $17.75
Hardware Included: (4) Screws

Availability: OUT OF STOCK
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"CannonBall" Metal Vertical Center Door Snugger

643404 - Door Snugger - $32.75
Hardware Included: (2) Small Bolts & Hex Nuts
Hardware Included: (4) Screws

Availability: OUT OF STOCK
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No insallation instructions are provided with any of our sliding barn door hardware.